Most SD-15s are content to live humble lives with low processor demand, but not Class. As a personal assistant to a pro-robot senator since his youth, he acquired an interest in formal politics that few robots do. When he confided to his master that he hoped to run for office himself one day, the senator didn’t laugh like Class expected. Rather, he gave him his full support, financial as well as moral. Armed with connections, resources, and a passionate mentor, Class is preparing to run in the next election. If he wins, he’ll be the first robot senator in history. Vote for Class!


Crafted from steel, carbon fiber, and soap. The four bubbles are buoyant enough to lift just about anything (the engineers explained it once), and they’re really bouncy, making the bubblecopter about the safest travel experience money can buy.


One of the last artifacts recovered from a cliff fortress overrun by the undead hundreds of years ago. No one’s quite sure how it stays airborne, but there’s a mystic feel onboard. Some crewmen say it’s magic; others swear the ship is haunted. Either way, the Dragonslayer is an asset, and as far as anyone can tell so far, it does exactly what it says.