Most SD-15s are content to live humble lives with low processor demand, but not Class. As a personal assistant to a pro-robot senator since his youth, he acquired an interest in formal politics that few robots do. When he confided to his master that he hoped to run for office himself one day, the senator didn’t laugh like Class expected. Rather, he gave him his full support, financial as well as moral. Armed with connections, resources, and a passionate mentor, Class is preparing to run in the next election. If he wins, he’ll be the first robot senator in history. Vote for Class!

Before Happiness – Shawn Achor

When I was recommended this book, I was skeptical because it seemed like a fluffy read. According to the narrative, it’s a book on how to find happiness. There are plenty of those, and most of them aren’t very deep.

Before Happiness is different. Far from a fluffy author, Shawn Achor is a Harvard researcher who’s had more experience in the world of big business than most of us ever will. True to his background, he speaks from a researcher’s perspective, delivering a method that’s at once simple and profound. Of course, he’s got plenty of studies, stories, and data to back it all up, and he’s terribly witty, too. As far as I’m experienced, this is the book on happiness (scripture apart).