One of the last artifacts recovered from a cliff fortress overrun by the undead hundreds of years ago. No one’s quite sure how it stays airborne, but there’s a mystic feel onboard. Some crewmen say it’s magic; others swear the ship is haunted. Either way, the Dragonslayer is an asset, and as far as anyone can tell so far, it does exactly what it says.


This steam-powered stand-off suit isn’t too high-tech, but it’s got five-star ratings in most saloons across the Wild West (unless you ask the barkeep).


This suit started as a side-project in the Materials department to keep busy while avoiding paperwork. A couple of reprimands and interviews and a few weeks of overtime later, the Strong Suit came fresh off the line. It’s not a gymnast by any means, but it’s about as tough as they come.

Demand was limited to top-dollar hobbyists until the New England Peacekeeping Division placed an order for 100 units a few years ago. The US government has been a steady customer since, and the Strong suit has become an icon for Humans Before Robots.


Developed by students at the new NASA University to compete in the Orbital Cup. It’s one of the more conservative racers on the track, but make no mistake: it’s among the fastest.